Life Enhancing Lessons from Sports
Dec. 11, 2020

S1 E3: “Another Crazy God Shot” feat. Rich Roll

S1 E3: “Another Crazy God Shot” feat. Rich Roll

NCAA D1 Athlete + Lawyer / Addict = Ultra-marathoner +Vegan +Podcaster

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On today’s SPORTS + LIFE + BALANCE episode, John Moffet is joined by Rich Roll, a renowned podcaster and ultra-marathon athlete. With over half a million social media followers and 26 million podcast downloads, Rich is famous for his plant-powered wisdom and meaningful conversation. But before he got to where he is today, Rich had to overcome a crippling addiction. Tune in to hear his story in a way he's never shared it before. 

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Rich Roll

Ultraman Runner and Endurance Athlete, Podcaster, Author