Life Enhancing Lessons from Sports
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Megan Neyer

World Champion Diver and Sports Psychologist

World Champion Diver turned Sports Psychologist. From a small town in Kentucky, to Southern California, Neyer trained at the legendary Mission Viejo Aquatic Center with the U.S. Olympic Coach and greatest diver of all time, Greg Lougainis. After qualifying for the 1980 Summer Olympics and her following attempts, Dr. Megan Neyer is now a successful sports psychologist at Neyer Performance Strategies, LLC.

S3 E8 “A Devine Choice” – feat. Dr. Megan Neyer

S3 E8 “A Devine Choice” – feat. Dr. Megan Neyer

Sept. 9, 2022

World Champ Diver + Olympic Heartbreak = Sports Performance Counselor

Guest: Megan Neyer