Life Enhancing Lessons from Sports
Feb. 12, 2021

S1 E9: “Is It a Barrier?” feat. Ann Meyers Drysdale

S1 E9: “Is It a Barrier?” feat. Ann Meyers Drysdale

Multi-Sport Champ + Drafted to NBA = Women’s Basketball Pioneer + Broadcaster

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John Moffet is joined by Ann Meyers Drysdale, a basketball legend and pioneer in women's sports. Ann has achieved countless "firsts" for women in sports throughout her extraordinary career, including becoming the first woman in history to sign a contract to play in the NBA.

On today’s episode of SPORTS + LIFE + BALANCE, Ann shares her journey of "firsts" and how she stayed on the cutting edge of women's basketball. 

Pick up a copy of Ann's book, "You Let a Girl Beat You?" on Amazon:

Ann Meyers DrysdaleProfile Photo

Ann Meyers Drysdale

Olympic and Pan American Basketball Player, Sportscaster