Life Enhancing Lessons from Sports
Feb. 5, 2021

S1 E8: “It Was Like a Hurricane” feat. Dick Fosbury

S1 E8: “It Was Like a Hurricane” feat. Dick Fosbury

High Jump Innovator + 1968 Olympic Gold = “The Fosbury Flop”

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On today’s episode of SPORTS + LIFE + BALANCE, John Moffet is joined by Dick Fosbury, the famous Olympic high-jumper who created one of the longest-standing innovations in sports history known as the "Fosbury Flop." Dick became world-famous on that fateful day and the trajectory of his life changed forever.

For more information about Dick Fosbury, check out his book "The Wizard of Foz" —

Dick FosburyProfile Photo

Dick Fosbury

Olympic Gold Medalist, 2014 Idaho State Representative