Life Enhancing Lessons from Sports


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Great interviews that go far beyond the “sports”

John consistently brings his interviews well beyond the facts and stories of the sport (many of which are superficially “well known”but In SLB you get a insiders view behind the scenes) into the personalities, the character and the life lessons of the people he interviews. Usually I don’t know a thing about the sport or the person interviewed, and after listening to an SLB episode, I’ve learned something new and been entertained along the way.

Amazing and Inspirational

For everyone who’s an athlete wants to be an athlete or is just a human being, this is appointment podcasting.


I’m not an athlete (does synchronized swimming in middle school count?), but I found this podcast incredibly compelling. So many lessons from these amazing athletes that completely spoke to things I am dealing with in my life, career, and relationships. Can’t wait for more!

Really excellent

John is a lively interviewer with equally thoughtful and candid guests. All former competitive athletes - particularly those of a certain age! - will especially love it.

Second episode

The second episode with Valerie Cordes Field was excellent!! Informative, educational, humorous and serious all wrapped into one hour!


John, great chat with Tim! Love that the banter covered so many areas and a real view of the transitions from our wonderful crew at SC! Great first episode! Good luck John!!

Great first episode, can’t wait for Week 2

Really enjoyed the debut of this podcast with guest star Timothy Olyphant. Looking forward to tuning in for Week 2.

Thoughtful Approach to the Impact of Sports on Life

Insightful approach to an interview with a celebrity who was also an outstanding athlete. I was fascinated by the discussion of the ways in which participation in sports impacted Timothy Olyphant’s very successful cinematic career. Loved the pacing and obvious connection between the interviewer and Olyphant. Looking forward to the next episode!

Finally A Really Great Podcast

John Moffet is a great interviewer. He has a unique ability to make the listener feel that they are the third person in the room and an active participant in the conversation. I found myself nodding my head up and down as I listened in the car. Often times podcasters have a list of questions and just seem to be checking the boxes. John takes it to the next level by having real conversations and interacting with his guests. There is no checklist here as John finds a captivating way to make the interview about sports, life and balance.

Insightful and Entertaining!

A fun listen that will have you rethinking the parallels between sports and life to take you where you want to go.

Helped me understand super athletes

I am not an athlete but have some athletes in my family—swimming, high school football and volleyball. I will share this with them hoping they will appreciate the insights of Tim and John—humility, humor, and their essential drive to win!


After just one episode of Sports + Life + Balance you’re left wondering what took John Moffet so long to start podcasting? His experience of triumph & tragedy at the highest levels of both international sport & the entertainment industry are unmatched. A slick & professional production straight out of the gate makes the listener feel like this is a refreshing beacon of light in what has become a sad & saturated sports podcast sea of mediocrity.


Interesting, entertaining, relatable. Can’t wait to listen to the next episode.

Life Lessons

Sometimes you don’t know how your years as an athlete has impacted your daily work. It shapes who you can become, and it was great to hear how it helps in acting. The process is always important. Great podcast and looking forward to more.

Great Timothy Olyphant interview for Sports + Life + Balance

Really enjoyed this podcast and looking forward to more.

A wonderful exploration of motivation

Fantastic approach on exploring motivation! Loved the first episode! Hearing the whole story of a successful person is very enlightening and there were many lessons I took with me. Highly recommend.

Intentional + thoughtful

This podcast is so unique and is in a lane of its own. It’s a thoughtful and action provoking podcast that inspires. John helps us shed light on and unpack what makes ultra successful folks successful, how they got there what they struggles with and more. Johns approach is methodical, intentional and balanced to unpack the pillars of success for each and everyone of his guests.

Great Idea

I’m a big fan of the Olympic Games, so I can’t wait for more episodes to drop. John is giving an insiders perspective on the training and lives of major athletes. Must-listen for any sports fan!