Life Enhancing Lessons from Sports
Aug. 13, 2021

S2 E1: “The Sky Never Looked So Blue” feat. Phil Keoghan

S2 E1: “The Sky Never Looked So Blue” feat. Phil Keoghan

Born Explorer + Ultra-Distance Cyclist = “The Amazing Race” + “Tough as Nails” Host

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For over two decades, Phil Keoghan has been the face of thrilling international travel. Host of The Amazing Race, co-creator of CBS’s Tough as Nails, and avid ultra-distance biker, there’s no doubt that Phil Keoghan is one of the most recognizable and influential figures in the adventure-sphere. 

On the Season 2 premiere of SPORTS + LIFE + BALANCE, Phil shares insight into the dangerous circumstances that launched his passion for world adventure.

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Phil KeoghanProfile Photo

Phil Keoghan

Host of "The Amazing Race" and "Tough as Nails", Author, Cyclist