Life Enhancing Lessons from Sports
Sept. 10, 2021

S2 E5 - “Skating with Your Best Friend” feat. Tai Babilonia + Randy Gardner

S2 E5 - “Skating with Your Best Friend” feat. Tai Babilonia + Randy Gardner

Figure Skating Prodigies + Olympic Heartbreak = Enduring Lifelong Friendship

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In this episode of SPORTS + LIFE + BALANCE, John Moffet is joined by figure skating duo Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner.  Tai and Randy competed in the 1976 winter Olympics, won 5 consecutive U.S. Championships, and were World Champions in 1979. They were favorites to win Olympic gold at the 1980 games in Lake Placid, New York, until a freak injury took them out of the competition. 

 Tune in to hear Tai and Randy share how it felt to have their heartbreak unfold on live television around the world… destroying their Olympic dream and denying them what everyone assumed was their destiny. 

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Randy GardnerProfile Photo

Randy Gardner

2X Olympian, Former Pair Skater

Tai BabiloniaProfile Photo

Tai Babilonia

2X Olympian, Motivational Speaker, Former Pair Skater