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Aug. 5, 2022

S3 E5 “Hug the Vision” – feat. Lex Gillette

S3 E5 “Hug the Vision” – feat. Lex Gillette

Blind + Paralympic Long Jumper = Visionary

On this week’s episode, John sits down with five-time Paralympic medalist, Lex Gillette! Hear from Lex himself about his experience with sudden blindness at a young age and how he overcame this to get where he is today. 

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Lex Gillette Profile Photo

Lex Gillette

5x Paralympic Medalist, 4x World Champion, World Record Holder

Lex Gillette is the current world record holder in the long jump, a five-time Paralympic medalist, a four-time long jump world champion, and an 18-time national champion. Now totally blind, Lex lost his sight at an early age, but that hasn't stopped him from achieving his dreams. At the age of 19, Lex won his first Paralympic silver medal in the long jump.